123 (on-campus phone)

773.702.8181 (off-campus phone)


31880 pager 9990# (on-campus phone)

773.753.1880 pager 9990# (off-campus phone)

The University of Chicago requires all work-related accident/incident reports to be submitted to the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Office of Research Safety (ORS) via the UChicago Accident/Incident Reporting (UCAIR) System. Accidents and incidents are defined as follows:

An accident is an unanticipated or off-normal event that results in injury, illness, environmental release/impact, or significant property damage. An incident is a close-call/near-miss or unsafe condition that has the potential to escalate to accident status.

Please make sure you call 123 (on-campus phone) or 773.702.8181 (off-campus phone) for accidents to ensure the appropriate emergency response personnel are notified.

Involved individuals, supervisors, affected persons, or witnesses can submit reports. Anonymous reporting is available for events that do not require medical treatment. For more information about UCAIR, visit the FAQs page.

Please use this form to report any concerns about COVID-19 related public health violations (including anonymously, if preferred), such as:

*   Concerns about PPE usage
*   Concerns about social distancing and density
*   Concerns about cleaning and disinfection
*   Concerns about individuals at work who should not be (please describe)
*   Any other COVID-19 related public health concern

This is NOT the process for reporting any potential COVID-19 exposures or confirmed cases. For these types of reports, please email C19HealthReport@uchicago.edu.